Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trip to Horsefly

I forgot to post about our recent trip to visit the Hillaby Ranch up in Horsefly.

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We took the Greyhound up to save stress on driving; it's a long bus ride though, because it takes so long just to get out of the Fraser Valley. It stops at a bunch of places before it hits Hope. Past that, it's not too bad, but the scenery was somewhat obscured by the schmutz on the windows from the salt etc. off the highway.

We had a great visit; Dave & I went snow shoeing and cross country skiing across the pond & fields a couple of the days we were there. Had a lovely dinner with the Kaeppels, friends of Dad & Judy. We also wasted a ton of time playing on Dad's Nintendo DS system (puzzles & Simpsons), and decided that we definitely need one for the ferry crossings to & from the Island. One day! We also read through the last Harry Potter; great book! Judy built a great roaring bonfire out in the horse paddock on our last day & we roasted some smokies for dinner. It was a great fire, but tricky to negotiate to in the knee-deep snow in the dark (yeah, a flashlight might have helped...).

Here are some photos:
Pretty lacy seed head

Winter wonderland - out on the frozen pond

Amie X-country skiing - I like flat bits!

Dave 'n' Sadie

Action shot!

'nother action shot!

Cold Muscovy ducks - Maggie & Lavender

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