Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Delights

We've been busy harvesting & processing our pea crop. We shell & freeze them for winter enjoyment, but we've also been eating them for the last few weeks to enjoy them during their right season.

Yesterday, I did a 5km walk in the Underwear Affair, my third year in a row raising money for research towards cancers below the waist (thanks to all my donors whom together contributed over $1,000 for this year's event). They had a lady doing mehndi (henna) for donation, so I got my hand done. I've never had mehndi before, and it's just lovely.

After the walk, we went over to Elizabeth's for dinner and cherry picking. Dave did about 2/3 of the work, and the haul was easily 10-15 lbs of cherries, of which we probably got half. This morning, we needed to process them fast, so Dave figured out an ingenious pitting method, using a thin metal bar, and a piece of plexiglas which he'd drilled a hole into. Isn't he clever? Made the job heaps easier. We had some in our morning smoothie, but the rest went into two-cup packages in the freezer for enjoyment this winter.

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