Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Renos Progressing

The original house layout was this:

A few years ago, Dave constructed these beautiful built-ins at the window end of the living room:

This year, Dave's built a pair of china hutches to go into the dining room:

Then in October, Dave framed in the new walls between the dining room & living room, to house the new built-ins, and installed them:

Here is the new layout of the house:

Along with framing the walls to house the built-ins, Dave moved the entry from the hallway into the living room down towards the other end of the hallway from it's original placement:

This has already improved traffic flow and has made the living room both physically (because it's blocked the draft from the front door) and psychologically more cozy. A huge side benefit to all this construction is the addition of a "hall" closet (it's actually in the living room, but close enough).

Dave has a beautiful piece of furniture that he'd built to hang jackets and store shoes on; however, it takes up a huge chunk of the hallway. Now, we can move all that stuff into the new closet when it's completed, and repurpose that furniture piece somewhere else, thus opening the hall even further.


Trish Dooling said...

Amie, it's just lovely what you all have done with your home! Thank you for continually sharing and encouraging. What a blessing!

John said...

Really cool Amie. Dave is a great cabinet maker. Its a great reno project and since its your place, its even better!