Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cowichan Beekeepers

Dave & I recently joined the Cowichan Beekeepers, in the hopes of one day having our own bee hives. We're no where near ready yet, but we've been participating in the monthly mentorship program, where participants go to each others' yards and have a look at the hives, learn about beekeeping and hive maintenance, problems & trouble shooting, and just to get hands-on experience with the bees. It's been a lot of fun; we're going to be extracting honey at the next mentorship event, so I'm really looking forward to that. You can see some of our photos here.

Not surprisingly, I've become somewhat involved with the group, and have set up a website for them at

If you're in the Cowichan area, and are interested, the Beekeepers meet on the third Thursday of every month (excepting December & January), for a brief business meeting, and we also have guest speakers on diverse & fascinating topics.