Sunday, December 16, 2007

Belated LSDI Christmas Party Pics

Thanks to Dawn & Paul for hosting another wonderful Christmas dinner for us all! Naturally, Laura was the centre of attention pretty much all night long.

Deep in tactical discussion
Dave & James

Kathy & Dawn

Who's THAT baby?

Who needs a tree to decorate?

Laura gets a lift from Paul

Peekaboo Laura!

Phaedra needs more convincing, Ian!

Daddy's girl

Summit '07 - Ian, Laura & Louise discuss politics

Must be a good story - Dawn, Jacqueline & Phaedra

Here comes Santa Claus!
Dawn, Jacqueline, Kathy, Phaedra, Ian, and Paul in background

Laura being cute off stage right
Dawn, Jacqueline, Paul, Kathy & Phaedra in attendance

Melissa makes a dash for the kitchen

Montrose makes himself comfy
"No one is going home - I couldn't possibly move"

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