Thursday, December 27, 2007

Running Water!

It's amazing how stuff falls into place. Just two days ago we didn't have a sink or faucet or counter top. Now we have all three!! We are shifting all of our tooth brushing equipment up tonight!!!

Isn't it gorgeous? Mom was visiting us over Christmas, and she left one day too early to enjoy running water upstairs again. Well, you've got a nice treat now when you come back!

Dave installed the counter top yesterday, and we stayed up until 1 am this morning sanding it to 600 grit by hand (don't ask). The results are spectacular. It's such a gorgeous smooth finish with the right colour value (when it was rough, it was too light), and it looks very smart. Now Dave has to remember not to use it as a surface to place tools while he works, and of course, be careful of the sink & faucet. If we have to, we'll disassemble and reassemble, but we'll just enjoy the functionality and be as careful as possible. I think it'll be safe to leave it installed, certainly for a while.

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