Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greenhouse Update - Raised Beds

Last year we constructed the greenhouse, then earlier this spring Dave put in some more windows, and then last month, Dave changed the planting arrangements inside by building some wonderful raised beds to replace the half wine-barrels that we used last year:

We bought these nifty metal connectors from Lee Valley for converting concrete paving stones into the sides for raised beds. All that was needed further was to purchase the paving stones and some pressure-treated lumber from the local building supplies store. And some sand. And then lots of labour.

Dave spread some landscape fabric on top of the gravel foundation of our greenhouse, then laid some sand to level the areas where the raised beds were going to be built. On top of this went the footing for the raised beds (which are the connectors attached to the lumber). Then the pavers go upright between the brackets on top of the lumber footings.

Aligning the pavers between brackets

Tightening the brackets

Next wall of pavers

Construction complete

The raised beds are 2' deep, 2' wide, and I can't remember how long altogether, but we'll fit an awful lot of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and ground cherries in there this year!


Eraethil said...

Looks nice! Best wishes for a bountiful harvest guys!

northwoods trekker said...

very ingenious and bet it will last forever!
passed this link along to a few friends with green thumbs

marja-leena said...

Wow, what a great greenhouse! It should be great for all those heat loving veggies, no worries about blight from wet summers and all that. Best of luck with the harvest!