Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fondant Animals

We took another workshop through Pat Spezowka at At the Sea B&B in Mill Bay, this time it was four hours this Saturday, introducing us to modelling fondant animals.

We started with a 1:1 mixture of fondant and gum paste, which you have to work quite well to warm up and make pliable. Once it's been worked, you must keep it out of the air, so we spent a lot of time shaping then sticking things in ziploc bags.

Our first project was a blue bird:

This gave us the opportunity to learn colouring and simple modelling techniques for the fondant. Next was a sheep, which has a fondant body that was then covered in royal icing piping for the wool (and fondant legs & head):

Finally, we did fondant dogs:

It was a great workshop, once again; we learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and are inspired to play with this some more in the future.


ldeandyment said...

These look great! This is my kind of workshop! I would love to take a course like that. A good excuse to go to the island I think.

Carol Nunan said...

Looks like fantastic fun. Wish there was a similar workshop closeby