Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wee Visitor

Last week, we had a little visitor roosting above our porch in the evenings:

Now that the weather is better, he's not been coming around, but we noticed the bird poop first, as our bag of clothes pegs is right under his roost, and the poop was collecting. One evening, as I shut the screen door, I turned the outside light on and looked outside, and discovered the poop culprit: a wee chestnut-backed chickadee. Awww!!!


marissa buschow said...

Considering I've only ever seen a chestnut-backed once, I am extremely jealous!

Amie Roman said...

Hi Marissa - they're pretty much the only chickadee we have on Vancouver Island, at least down here; I think there might be mountain chickadees further north. They're pretty darned cute, as all chickadees are, of course.